I Am Not A DIY Mom!

I Am Not A DIY Mom!

Just like most moms I spend the day chasing kids out the door to school, cleaning the house, working, laundry, school pickups, snacks, supper, baths, bedtime routines, and then I might get some more work done! It’s a busy life, but rewarding right?!

After being in our Phoenix home for 5 years I decided I didn’t like the wall colors anymore. Our two girls, ages 5 and 7, had the same color walls and I wanted to give them some individuality, so I asked what color they would like on their wall. One picked pink and the other picked purple. Great that was easy! The living room was an auburn brownie color and the kitchen was pale peach. The colors were nice but they didn’t flow very well in the home and I wanted simple earthy colors to make it feel warm and inviting. My husband told me to call Valley House Painters because a friend of a friend at work tried them and they were great.

Well, I decided I had seen enough DIY pinterest pictures, and watched enough home improvement shows and said, “I Got This.” I went and bought paint….. OH the choices and colors, and mixing and matching craziness! Three hours later I got home with the colors I wanted and began painting. I got about half an hour done and looked at the clock and said “oh damn!!” I was 5 minutes late picking up the girls from school. I literally threw down the brushed and I raced over there with screeching tires. I still had my painters smock on and it was covered in pastel green splotches all over it. The other moms were chatting away and stopped as they saw me storm past them while their kids were already playing at the park…. When we got home the girls needed homework help, then supper needed cooking, and then the bath and bedtime routine, and then my husband came home late and wanted food and attention, and the painting sat…. it sat and sat for days until I had enough.

I went on the wonderful world of facebook. Yes, the chores were put on hold while I surfed to find a the best painting company. I posted on the Phoenix moms facebook page, asking for recommendations for phoenix house painters. Valley House Painter’s was recommended a lot. I laughed to myself that my husband is going to love rubbing this in my face tonight, but I still gave them a call.

The poor guy that answered the phone heard me blurt out my frantic story of my painting fiasco, and he calmly said, “No problem we can help you out, and be there tomorrow to finish up all your painting. It should only take our team two days!” They gave me a free quote, and I was so happy I yelled in the phone and booked Valley House Painters! Boom! Just like that a huge weight was lifted off my whole body, and I stayed happy the rest of the day. Chores flew by and the house was ready and spotless when I picked up the girls. Supper was already in the slow cooker, and the night time routines went over without a whine or a tear.

Valley House Painters did an amazing job on the house. The two princesses now have cute pink and purple rooms, and I have nice earthy toned walls that all flow from one room to the next. I can’t thank Valley House Painters enough for giving my sanity back. Valley House Painters were very professional, clean and worked with all my ideas. I really tip my hat off to all the DIY moms out there; it’s a lot of work!! I’m happy for places like Valley House Painters because I realized, I am NOT a DIY Mom!