Fall Is Looking Good for Mama!

The Fall fashions this year make wearing maternity clothes so much better than before! With looks like long sweaters, leggings and comfy dresses, the days of uncomfortable maternity clothes are over. The top ten looks for Fall work for all stages of your pregnancy, even the celebrities are jumping on these fashions.

Top ten looks for Fall and Winter maternity;

  1. Denim leggings with a light weight tee and long sweater
  2. Skinny jeans and a dark colored tunic- cute for work or play!
  3. Form fitting dress with three quarter sleeves
  4. Twill or khaki pants with a baggy top-cinch waist tops are best!
  5. Any color dark leggings with a long tunic and heels
  6. Bootcut jeans and a cute, comfy long sleeve tee.
  7. Knee length dress, tights and knee high boots- super trendy.
  8. Reverse the look above with Ugg boots and a soft long tee.
  9. Tight maxi dress and heels- yes sexy mama!
  10. Black is back- wear it with jeans or leggings.

Fall and Winter don’ts;

  1. Sweats- this is so last year for maternity and nursing.
  2. Big t-shirts. You’ll not only look bigger- you’ll feel like it.
  3. Too tight jeans- get a Belly Band!
  4. Kid print diaper bags- there are so much cuter bags now!
  5. Tacky nursing tops- transitional tops are in and sexy!

Maternity dresses, tops and bottoms are so trendy now. You can look great while expecting and nursing. These styles mix and match well too. With just change of a top or bottom, you can change your whole look. This is a key to mastering because it can save you big money during your pregnancy. Follow the simple looks above and you can pull it off!

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