Four Simple Guidelines to Staying a Hot Mama After Pregnancy!

It gets tiring seeing the same circle of events happen to moms all over the world! First you’re proud of your baby bump. You still manage to fit into all of those low-rise, sexy jeans that you could wear pre-pregnancy. You still do your hair and makeup. Overall, you’re feeling really good yourself. Then the second trimester rolls around and you’ve started to bust out the loose jeans and maternity frocks. Suddenly you’re seven months pregnant, wearing loose sweatpants, tshirts, and flats every day. Unfortunately for many mothers, the final trimester seems to follow them into everyday life following the birth of their child. Don’t make your one year old ashamed of your attire! Follow a few simple guidelines to stay a hot mama during some of the most difficult, yet rewarding years of your life.

1.) Ditch the ducks! 
There’s no law that states you must use a diaper bag covered in yellow ducks. It’s the 21st century! Lucky for us, oversized bags are in style. Pull away from those frumpy shoulder slings and switch to ‘covert carriers.’ Fashionable diaper bags use designs and materials that compete in style with everyday handbags.

2.) Put those heels back on! 
The last two trimesters of pregnancy can be a little rough on your feet. No one will blame you if you retire the stilettos for a couple months; however, make sure you pick them back up as soon as you give birth! Try carrying your newborn around in your heels. This will allow more mother/child bonding time as well as much needed calf and arm exercise.

3.) PLEASE do your hair! 
If the ‘ponytail’ wasn’t good enough for you pre-motherhood then it isn’t good enough now! Sometimes the right haircut can revitalize your style and confidence. Don’t be afraid to go for a shorter cut. When you have a small child sometimes less hair can be better. You won’t have to worry about having catsup tips or grabby fingers trying to mess up your perfectly styled do. Whatever length or style you try to pursue please make sure you keep it up. You’ll feel better about yourself and it will be well worth the work.

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