Jobs For Moms Just Entering the Workforce – 4 Key Strategies

What do you do as a mom who realizes that it is time to re-enter the workforce either because of financial need or a desire to continue with your career? The challenge that most stay at home moms face is the big gap of time on their resumes with no professional work. In addition, the mom just entering the workforce struggles with insecurity due to the lack of paid work.

It is a harsh reality that as moms we can make the best choice for our children and yet be penalized by a perception that we do not have the necessary skills, will be more focused on our family than the job, and therefore, are not a good employment risk.

There are 4 strategies that you can employ to open up jobs for moms just entering the workforce:

1. Assess what you have to offer the employer.

Consider what skills and education you have that would be of value to an employer. Also, be honest with yourself on the skills that you need to brush up on or learn to be marketable. Perhaps you need some training on computer programs that are utilized in your professional area. Social media and on-line networking are gaining more influence daily with how companies do business and you will want to be knowledgeable in these areas. In addition, employers are now using social media as their prime way of identifying potential employees. There are on-line classes that you can attend to boost your skill base and confidence as you find jobs for moms just entering the workforce.

2. Consider how to present yourself.

As you try to find jobs for moms just entering the workforce, you will want to shift your communication from identifying yourself as a mom to a professional. On your resume, highlight any activities that you have done which sell your abilities even if they were in a volunteer capacity. If you organized a fund-raising dinner for 200 participants for your child’s school PTA, add that accomplishment to your resume e.g. Organized a successful fund-raising dinner for 200 participants that raised over $10,000 for a national non-profit organization.

3. Network- in person and on-line!

There are many jobs for moms just entering the workforce that require good customer service skills, positive attitude and a willingness to learn. To find those opportunities requires more than checking the job boards. The reality is that most individuals who have a major gap of employment like a stay at home mom or dad will end up getting hired through the process of networking: a friend of a friend recommends them. So, brush up on your networking; to simplify this thought – just connect with people, listen to what their needs are and let them know what your needs are to see if you can help one another.

4. Identify what you want.

Are you looking for some extra funds? How much? Do you want part-time work? Are you thinking of re-launching your career or starting something new? What jobs for moms just entering the workforce have you already thought of? If your kids are still at home, would you be interested in a legitimate home based business?

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